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Charlotte Window Replacement Service

Charlotte Window Replacement Service

Hiring a Window Installation Company in Charlotte, NC

Window replacement is the most common form of home repair. Many homeowners simply think that all they need to do is purchase a replacement for their old windows. This may work in some cases but it can also be costly. There are many factors that impact window replacement prices and you will need to know what they are to get an estimate that works for your budget. Here are a few things to look at if you want to find a replacement that will fit into your price range.

Window Materials

You will have to consider the type of material that was used to make the windows. Windows are typically constructed from wood, vinyl, metal, and sometimes even fiberglass. In addition to the style of window that you select, the material it is made out of will have an effect on how much labor it will cost. Vinyl windows are the most popular because they are relatively cheap, but they are known to have a poor insulation value and require a lot of labor to install. Wood windows are also a good choice but they need to be painted often and sometimes have a poor insulating value. Metal windows are expensive because they are very heavy and a major maintenance expense, while vinyl windows are inexpensive but they require a lot of maintenance.

Window Sizes

The size of the windows will also impact the window replacement price. If you only need one or two windows replaced, then the cost will be cheaper because you will be cutting down on labor costs. However, if you need to replace the windows of several suites in a home, then you will probably be looking at a higher price. Windows sizes range from two and half inches to ten feet. Replacement windows also vary in material and window repair standards so make sure that you are getting an estimate based on the actual damage and not simply based on the number of windows.

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