Candle Bath and Spa | What is medical spa and what services do they offer?
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What is medical spa and what services do they offer?


What is medical spa and what services do they offer?

A medical spa or a medispa, as the name suggests, is a sort of hybrid between a regular traditional spa and a medical centre.


The biggest difference between such a medical spa and a normal one, as discussed, lies in the types of procedures provided. While normal spas rely on a relaxing experience, medical spas are driven solely by the results you get. Medical spas don’t just offer a large number of different types of massages to soothe your body. It provides you with medical procedures that while not usually performed first hand by a doctor, are more often than not overseen and supervised by a doctor, usually a plastic surgeon or a dermatologist. These spas also vary very much depending on where you are. Some can be extremely posh like the ones in luxury resorts, while others seem very clinical in nature.


Now speaking of treatments, there is a huge and very varied list based on what you are looking for. You can commonly find treatments for hair removal, ageing skin, acne etc. With acne, it really depends on your own subjective treatment goals. It isn’t necessary that you spend time in a luxurious medical spa to treat your acne when you can just get oral medication or get rid of it via normal medical procedures prescribed by your dermatologist. However if you have the money and if spending time treating it through a spa-like experience appeals to you, then go for it.




Medical spas often use procedures found in normal spas for treatment like massages, seaweed wraps, facials, salt glows and more. However, apart from these, they also provide procedures that you can usually only undergo from your dermatologist’s or plastic surgeons clinic like light treatments, laser treatments, injectables in the form of Botox, Juvederm etc. Further, as mentioned above, they also provide procedures to treat acne breakouts, reduce scarring and lighten pigmentation and basically improve the quality and appearance of your skin.


The person who actually carries out your treatment at medical spas depends on the treatment itself. For instance, procedures falling under the medical realm are often carried out by physicians while a lot of other treatments and procedures are carried out by the esthetician in charge, who usually specialises in massages, acne treatment facials, body scrubs, chemical peels, wraps etc to name a few. All other treatments like injectables, laser treatments etc. will be performed by a qualified doctor.


Today medical spas have quickly gained popularity all over the world for both men and women because of how they combine the relaxing and soothing benefits of a normal spa experience with the treatment and procedures that can only be found at a doctor’s doorstep. In other words, it helps to treat your ailments in the most relaxing way possible. Hence, it is not a bad idea at all to visit one and give it a try.



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