Candle Bath and Spa | Finding Natural Health Cures for Illnesses in Your Kitchen
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Finding Natural Health Cures for Illnesses in Your Kitchen

Finding Natural Health Cures for Illnesses in Your Kitchen

You’ve started noticing a slightly running a nose and that your throat is a little sore. While you might be trying to tell yourself that those feelings probably don’t mean anything, the truth is that you are probably already fighting off a cold or the beginnings of the flu. Rather than swallowing a quick pill or two, why not do a quick inventory of the natural health remedies you have on hand? You might be tempted to reach right for the drugs, but using a natural health remedy is just as good an option when you’re sick. If your doctor has given you specific instructions for curing your illness you will want to follow them, but why not try out a natural health method first?


Try some peppers for cold relief. If you want to infuse your diet with vitamin C an easy way to do that is to eat some bell peppers with each meal. Cayenne pepper is great for the sinuses as well. Putting cayenne pepper in your tea or in other foods can help stimulate your sinuses which will make it easier for you to breathe. A good way to help your body start the healing process is to eat some cayenne pepper, which will heat up your body and make it sweat, which is how the germs and toxins in your system are released.


There are lots of ways that you can increase your vitamin C intake! You can get vitamin C from vegetables too! This is good news because it means you have a variety of options available to help you combat an impending flu! Other citrus fruits contain vitamin C as well, so change out your orange juice for some lemonade or limeade.

Vitamin C is also found in bell peppers so why not add them to your favorite meals? Not only is the addition of vitamin C infused ingredients to your food great for your taste buds, but your immune system will also enjoy the added boost to its strength as well.


You have no doubt heard about the way that Echinacea can boost your immune system. Echinacea works by attacking a cold when it is still in its early stages which is why you need to take some as soon as you begin to feel cold or flu symptoms. If you take Echinacea as soon as you feel symptomatic you could keep the cold from taking hold at all. Don’t worry if you’re in the middle of your cold, you can still take some Echinacea-it will help your cold heal faster and can give you some relief from your symptoms. If you’re sick you should take around 1200mgs per day to get well. It’s as easy as taking 400mgs three times a day (trying to do more than that could be harmful).

Beefing up your immune system regularly is the best natural health remedy because it will help keep you from getting sick in the first place. To keep your illness from progressing and to prevent future sickness from occurring it is important that you learn the proper ways to treat your system naturally. Natural cures are almost always better for you than chemical cures which is why your body responds better to natural methods of treating illness.

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