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Superfoods -A Potent Way to Prevent Cancer

Superfoods -A Potent Way to Prevent Cancer

In regard to cancer, and how superfoods theoretically can help in regard to its prevention, one would think that researchers and scientists would agree upon the data that exists now. In reality, you will find that there is very little empirical data that can show the tie between cancer and superfoods. The medical community, despite this lack of specific data, will not actually denounce superfoods and the role in the fight against cancer. Really, what needs to be done is to compare chosen lifestyle habits, and other factors that put people at risk for developing cancer.

Although science did not confirm this until later, apricots and peppers (dried out) are a potent anti-cancer superfood that everyone should take. Off the top of your head, you can probably think of a couple more. Several other foods have very similar properties that you can find yourself, or that you may know about. All apricots have a distinctive color. This is because each one of them has a high amount of beta carotene within them. You’ll also find lycopene and high amounts of vitamin C. So you can easily rotate the foods you eat and get the same beneficial superfoods and vitamin support. The key word is diversity – so many foods have these beneficial antioxidant and anti-cancer ingredients, you can rotate between apricots, dried peppers and many others.

Certain vitamins are antioxidants that help protect you against cancer, and beta carotene ( a form of Vitamin A) is one of the best of these. And we’ve all heard about how rich carrots are in vitamin A; they provide you with over 3 times the daily recommended amount of Vitamin A.

If you want to be healthy, you need to eat good sources of fiber, and carrots are one of the best of these. Your intestinal bacteria (the good kind) require this type of prebiotic fiber to maintain the health of your intestines. One very healthy dish to eat with or in between meals would be a mixture of carrots and cabbage. This would provide you with a day’s worth of fiber and help you maintain regularity.

If you’re looking for a superfood that provides you with ellagic acid, one of your best choices is raspberries. This substance has shown a great deal of promise in the battle against cancer. What ellagic acid does is target cancerous cells and accelerate cell death. Equally important, it does not harm normal cells. Raspberries can be eaten fresh or stored long term in the freezer, as this won’t lessen their therapeutic qualities. The ellagic acid and other nutrients will also be present in natural raspberry jam, jelly, and other products.

If your diet isn’t as healthy as it could be, this would be a good time to consider making some changes. Looking at the superfoods for cancer and other medical conditions will maybe give you some inspiration. For more information check out thyroid care Raleigh professionals. Many people have also found that they can lose weight when they start incorporating these foods into their diet. Yes, making the switch is a lifestyle change, but it’s a great tasting one at that. It may take a little time to get used to eating more superfoods, but if you introduce them little by little, it’s not that hard.

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