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Tricks for Selecting a Dental Hygienist

Tricks for Selecting a Dental Hygienist

If you yearn to have a flourishing dental business, it is imperative that you staff it with respectable dental hygienists. Your dental hygienists are typically the person your patients deal with first. This means, your dental hygienist is generally the first image someone will see of your business. If your hygienist is vulgar or inefficient, this can have a really bad effect toward your business. All that needs to happen is for word to get out that you employee less than stellar dental hygienists and your business will go right down the toilet. Ergo, be sure that you don’t make the following blunders if you dream of keeping your business up and running successfully.

Dentist with patient

Giving in to the Pull from Employees: Offices can become riotous when they are in need of a dental hygienist. On account of their doubled workload, people are darting around, patients have to endure longer wait times, and that’s when things can become very maddening. Besides the fact that your hygienists are being overworked, they are also getting snarled at be your patients who have to wait longer than usual. This can cause your employees to come to you in desperation to pressure to hire someone already. Lots of bosses will bow down to this insistence and they’ll hire the first individual to respond to their want ad. It’s only later, when they find out how horrible that person is, that they regret their decision. Don’t let this happen to you and make sure your employees know who’s boss. Tell them you’re working on a solution and tell them you have everything under control.

Another great resource for finding the perfect dental hygienist is your friends. They may have leads on people who are dental hygienists. Whether they are currently working or not is not important. You may be able to save them from an unpleasant work situation. But considering the current unemployment rate, your friends will almost certainly know an out of work dental hygienist. You may also be able to find an out of work hygienist through a friend of a friend. By telling as many people about your search as you can, you expand your circle of networking influence.

Even though, most people say you shouldn’t discuss work with your spouse, that is exactly our next suggestion. Your spouse may be able to get the word out to their coworkers or anyone else they know that you’re looking and that can increase your exposure tenfold. So that the word gets out correctly, be sure you specify what you are looking for. If you want to find the perfect dental hygienist for your dental office, use the methods you just read about. When you put in the effort to look for just the right person, and you don’t settle for anything else, you’ll eventually find that employee who will help your business prosper.

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